Who is it for?

The women’s ministry focuses on women over the age of 18. You do not need to be a member or regular attender at the church to attend any of the women’s events. So, whether you are new, just visiting or a regular attender we will be delighted to see you.


What is it?

There are several branches to the women’s ministry in Millbrook.

Meeting Together

We normally meet on the third Thursday of each month (term time.) Each meeting can be different from listening someone’s life story to going out for a meal or a coffee. There are a range of venues for these events including the community centre, in homes or the nearest coffee shop. Some of the topics covered in the last year have included ‘what can we do about human trafficking’ to ‘how to share the story of God in under 3 minutes.’ These are relaxed events you can feel free to get involved or just sit and listen. We appreciate how busy life is, this is an opportunity for you to take some time out and enjoy a night out with the girls.

Learning Together

May 2019 launches are all new woman’s bible study group. This group will meet in the community centre on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 11am. This is a time of learning about and discussing Christian living over cup of tea or coffee. There is no pressure to speak you are welcome just to come and listen. You do not need to have a great knowledge of the bible, this is a time to learn. The woman’s bible study group is a great place for those who a curious about Christianity, new Christians and those who have been Christians for many years. This is a great opportunity to learn, laugh, (even cry) and journey together as we learn more about being a child of God.

Soul Saturday

Soul Saturday is a quarterly event that focuses on mental health. It is currently just for women but we understand the great need when it comes to mental health and would love to expand this into a separate men’s mental health day too. At Soul Saturday’s we spend a morning looking at good mental health practices. There are a range of professional speakers from life coaches, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists and even fitness instructors, who speak on mental health, coping strategies and how to recognise deteriorating mental health. All of these events are free. Watch out for advertising on the web and social media pages, or contact us for further details.